Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sometimes fermentation goes badly...

Competing microbes gain foothold... It's gross and fascinating. This batch of wine was just discovered to be badly contaminated... The airlock should have nothing but clear water in it - notice the mold in the neck, general colored sludge, and fruitfly larvae...!


  1. How did it happen?? CRAZY!!

  2. How did it happen?? CRAZY!!

    1. lol, dude, I wish I knew! I guess it was not clean enough, and/or there was a leak/overflow during rapid fermentation that leaked some wine into the water chamber, which attracted bugs, eww!

  3. Okay so since posting this, I have noticed with other batches that in the first couple of days it does overflow into the airlock chamber - I guess I overfill! Fruit flies then get in and it all goes crazy. I've learned to check it constantly for the first couple of days when it's fermenting fast and furious.