Thursday, September 6, 2012

Putting up

Purchased 25 lbs of Roma tomatoes (and going back tomorrow for another 25lbs). With 20 lbs of cukes for bread and butter and dill pickles. 15 lbs of red peppers for roasting and freezing, 10 lbs of red and white onions, a huge bunch of fresh basil, and fresh dill that measures higher than my waist. All from this awesome little farm stand that I continuously go back to, Mr Poirier's in Mercier. That's how we do.


  1. We need a Leek Geeks farm outing. Anyone, ladies??

  2. YES! Though we would need a truck to put everything we bought into it. Next year, I want to do the 'put up' with two or three other ladies (or gents, I aint sexist, split the cost of the ingredients, split the work, much more enjoyable than doing it on your own!

  3. DONE. lol. also, love the canning pic. amazing.