Monday, May 5, 2014


I'm a student! Life is busy! Plus I changed all my passwords post Heartbleed and couldn't remember my password for blogger at moments of blogging inspiration. But I'm back!

Hanging out at the co-op (Co-op La Maison Vert), waiting for Auntie Sam.

Tony and I treated ourselves to brunch out two Sundays ago - Ambrose had spent the night at my mom's and we had $20 cash from having not bought drinks after all the previous night at karaoke (sober karaoke - who knew?). Plus our kitchen was disgustingly messy and we were out of coffee. Perfect solution! We went to the little diner/café a few blocks away from home and had a lovely time.

Brownie cake - our new favourite chocolate dessert. This one was dairy-free, made to enjoy with friends, one very old (eg my childhood bestie, our moms were pregnant together as friends and delivered two months apart) and a new one (her boyfriend). It was a fantastic night. Anyway I can't figure out linking on the mobile app so look for "plantain brownies" on my pinterest food board (linked to in the right menu); we just bake it in a round 8" pan and sprinkle the chocolate on top rather than mixing it in.

More co-op - that window just begs for photos. I realize they all look the same but I don't care.

A café on Wellington I want to try. That is, I want to try the food - I had coffee there and it's terribly fucking cute, vintage milk bottles and scales on pallets, a game corner (with English games!), and free wifi (which I shamelessly exploit while waiting at that bus stop). They even confirmed via a message on facebook that they offer gluten-free goodies. Yay!

My lunch prep supplies this morning. Today is my second day of class, and this is the best solution I could think of to the real food, gluten-free, fridgeless lunch dilemma. And I have been avoiding nuts lately because many brands are contaminated with gluten, and corn makes me nervous because of GMOs, and it gives Ambrose rashes, and it's very not paleo, but they are yummy and
convenient so if I have no reactions I'll be okay with the compromise.

My crazy new four-week rotation meal plan schedule. Yes, including both breakfast and supper. I know many people would find a system like this constraining, but I find it soothing. If anybody is curious I will reproduce the table electronically; I know the text is pretty hard to read.

Peanut butter and jelly thumbprint cookies. It's an original recipe (as original as cookie recipes can be, anyway). Stay tuned for recipe & instructions next post!

Yes, in this post I have shamelessly recycled several of my instagram pictures. Get it hot & fresh by following me: amyparaskevas. I used to blog with a camera and sit-down computer - I think I'll be doing a lot more mobile blogging in the next little while, out of necessity. Hopefully I'll get the hang of iphone photography.

(This is how being on campus makes me feel: "Hold on to your hats, people! We are about to get our crazy on!" I was going to do a weirdo scared-face selfie with him but ended up feeling a shade too self-conscious, with all of the legit looking students streaming by and whatnot.)

Have a great week!

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  1. haha many if not most of my pics are instagrammed first too LOL