Monday, September 1, 2014

Salmon-y lunch


We have finally moved in everything and I can actually cook with my things instead of the in between, and I am just ecstatic! Just wanted to quickly share my lunch which I was looking forward to au max! Simple, delicious, and tbh I even enjoyed doing dishes after LOL!

I made a very simple guac for the salmon, just half an avocado, 
half a lemon squeezed, and a tbsp of roasted onion hummus. So creamy.

With the salmon, a quick side salad: a small tomato and half cucumber from my aunts garden with 
some fresh basil leaves and half an avocado. Quick marinade made from o.o. and lemon juice from the other half of the lemon, along with some chili flakes.

The salmon fillet was really easy prep, it was already spiced from the fish mongers, a spicy thai paste made with hot peppers, garlic, spices, etc. Just plopped it in foil and in the oven for 25 mns and it was perfect. What a delicious meal!! 

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  1. Isn't fish so satisfying? The fact that you got it from the fishmonger makes me die just a little inside. I geuinely need to check out KC or St. L for actual fishmongers. Im about to marinate a halibut steak for lunch actually! Thanks for giving me incentive :)