Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy (and sick) times

I'm pregnant, and it is the most amazing time of my life.

But its also the sickest. Like, every day sick. Food completely revolts me, I haven't cooked or baked for over a week, and just the idea of prepping any sort of meal except plain salad and a few vegetables/fruits drives me straight to the bathroom.

So ladies Im here asking for tips. What did you eat during your time/what turned you off, or what food tips did your family pass on to you?


  1. Cyn, first off, super congrats. I know we barely "know" each other but I am so excited for you as though it were my own sister getting pregnant!

    Amy introduced me to this Catholic blog a long time ago, and I still check it from time to time because the girl's kids are really, really cute. lol. But she appeared to have really tough pregnancies, and perhaps it can be helpful?

    The only food tips I know are those around giving birth--my grandmother always tells the story that around the time my mom was about to give birth to any one of us, she would sautée calf liver and bring it to the hospital to give my mother strength. I think the perception of eating organ meat for strength is also a greek thing (Amy can you confirm?) but I'll bet just reading about calf liver probably makes you sick. I'll be praying for you koukla!

  2. Thanks Sam this is great! Ive heard about eating organ meat before and after, my greek grandmother is pushing me to eat fish alot though, and its my french gma who wants me to eat lots of liver... needless to say neither is winning atm haha <3