Saturday, July 18, 2015

Study Schmuddy

Y'all...I am so done with school. Stretched deadlines, stressed profs, my brain straight up going "NOPE" every Saturday morning in response to my waking up in a panic and shortly realizing "hey, it's Saturday! I don't need to wear pants or go to into the clinic...but I can study?"

Here is a stunningly metaphorical NOPE in picture form. 

my clinic biddy Emily fetching me lemon tea from Starbucks to soothe my cough.

Matt's mom makes these crispy, savory pancakes with walnuts.  they are sumptous without any toppings, just hot off the pan.

I had a weak moment and bought coke from a vending machine. I showed my classmates. they snapped photos.
breakfasts with this guy (NOTE THE GEM ON THE LEFT)

my classmates communicate in pictures. 


Matt asked me to buy lime basil but barely uses it. I chopped some and froze in olive oil

Culver's, a midwestern delicacy 

fried cheese balls? with ranch dipping sauce?

gluten free, but made the mistake of not reading what the pasta was made of: LENTIL FLOUR. Poops--I mean--oops. 

homemade cashew milk getting turned into a homemade frappucino!

Surprise dinner of steak and onions

A grocery store opened up about 5 blocks from the clinic and has a pretty decent salad bar 

found at Miami airport: guava and sweet cheese pie. SO FRAGRANT. 
Grandma with my welcome home meal--that lady, I tell you.

Mom and I at the oyster bar at JTM. Pricey to sit and eat, and the oysters were just ok.

But...I may try it just one more time... 

picking vine leaves for stuffing!

At a family-favorite Italian restaurant, Tre Marie 
crème brulée bread pudding, at a restaurant nearby. Just say no to that fusion shit.

broccoli "breadcrumbs" in meatballs. yes, thank you, I'm a genius.