Friday, September 25, 2015


For the first time in a long time, I hosted dinner at my place. It was in event to my mother's, step-father's, sister's and her bf's birthdays. All of those dates plus the fact it was the first time back in the dinner party mode made it so that I wanted everything to be perfect. Hard lesson here, when you have tiny babies, dont plan shit LMAO.

In all honestly, it all went pretty smoothly. Almost the entire menu was right off Pintrest. The only picture I have is the table setting.

I made little mini gift bags with a jar of jam (8 cups mixed berry fruits, 6 cups sugar, 1 lemon zest and peel) with this in the form of mini loaves.

This soup was the starter, doubled it, added a few more carrots and forgot the garlic. Perfect amount of heat for us.

Then this meat (I used palette meat, no idea what the translation is) with the same veggies plus mushrooms. Doubled again. Awesome!

Paired with mixed greens and veggies, steamed beans, and fresh bread. Simple and delicious. I had really wanted to make the cake but realized that just wasn't happening, so gave in to a bakery cake which was delicious with mandatory ice cream and coffee.

It was a great night of happiness and family.

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