Wednesday, March 7, 2012

flour tortillas

This is my normal tortilla recipe - from the Joy of Cooking. But I wanted to poke around online a bit for something else... while it's worked fine in the past, it calls for lard, and I never have lard, so I always go through this confused "butter or oil?? butter or oil??" conundrum when I want to make them (yes, my life is hard).

So I found this recipe - I love this blogger: "I am so in love with these tortillas that I found myself just staring at them with a silly grin plastered on my face, amazed at what I had made. My friends think I’m a little nuts for my obsession, and maybe I am, but who cares? It may have taken me many years, but at last I have cooked homemade flour tortillas I am pleased and proud to not only eat myself but to share with the world." LOL hahahhha. Don't you love her? She sounds like a Leek Geek at heart.

Will be making them shortly to go with these lentil tacos - I'm pleased at the prospect because as long as I've been buying lentils (about 10 years now!) I've stuck to red, because they cook so fast, but I decided to branch out and get green. They are slower, but hold their shape better when cooked, and have a bit of a different flavour. I'm also eager to see how they compare to TVP tacos and tofu tacos. The goodness is simmering on the stove right at this moment (I'll be out most of the afternoon so I want to have supper ready to slap together when we get home!).

What is your tortilla recipe?


  1. So you made white flour torillas? really? and who ACTUALLY has lard kicking around in the...fridge?...cupboard? (how do you keep that stuff anyway?)

  2. lol no no I made them whole wheat!

  3. mmmmmm.

    and lol at "(yes, my life is hard)." I hope you used butter? :)

  4. I have lard! At least I think its lard, its french its saintdoux!