Monday, March 12, 2012


I just wanted to share this blog post I found, the pictures are absolutely superb in that grainy old-school quality, and the spirit of sharing and working together just seems to smack of The Leek Geeks. I almost got teary when I read through that post because of all it seemed to encompass with a few words and images. LOVE!

I also have to ask for help, I received a huge bag of honey roasted soya beans a few weeks ago and have been eating them in a million ways. Do you guys have any recipes or ways to incorporate them? Im at a loss of what to do with them, I still have a liter and 250 ml jars left! If nothing else, I can give some to whoever wants them, because I just ate enough to last me a gooood long while!

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  1. Oh Cyn, that's beautiful. Reminds me of summer in Montreal.

    We need to do something like this, ladies!