Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dinner Party part 2

So here are some pictures that I took of Saturday's dinner party (I was feeling way too rushed and forgot to take pictures of the actual people lol):

bruschetta on garlic crostini

tomato/bocconchini/basil skewers
(the one up was plain, and the one down had olive oil and balsamic vinegar as well as fresh ground pepper)

rosemary/garlic vegetables (WHICH SMELLED AWESOME)

A picture of one of the tables before

And dessert, trifle duos
 The menu had last minute changes, I burned the first baguette of bread, and then the first batch of crostinis, and we dropped a trifle and had whipped cream explode EVERYWHERE at the same time as the doorbell rang. Also, funny story, everyone was seated and eating and I had put my own plate down to eat, when my mother-in-law asked me when she was going to get her supper. Turned out Jeff hadnt noticed she didnt have a plate LOL!

But all in all it was a success, everyone loved the food, and my main aim (which was to make everything myself, by hand) was accomplished. Only the meat, berries and veggies used werent grown by me, I made everything else, including almost completely stripping my basil plant for its leaves. The poor thing looks almost naked!

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  1. Looks amazing!! That meal fulfills all of my requirements... lots of colour, cheese, garlic, cream and yogurt, flowers on the table, hilarious anecdotes... lol!!