Saturday, December 1, 2012

Catching up


my culinary life has been completely devoid of anything thoughtful lately. Im having a hard time adjusting to my new (much extended) schedule. After driving home through traffic, I have just about zero motivation to do anything, and more than likely forgot to take something out anyways. I havent made my usual menus, and grocery shopping has been quite minimal.

Result: Subways & the caf at work has been getting alot of my hard earned money as of late.

Unfortunately for us both, we cant afford that sort of lifestyle. So I need some tips of some kind. Have any of been/are in the same situation? How do you overcome it?

I would write more but my break is up. -_-'


  1. Oh Cyn! I totally feel you--I will so be in the same boat this time come January. I think Amy's gotten it down pat when she blogged a while ago about having planned meals. At the time I was kinda like "but where's the spontaneity in that?!", naive as a lamb. But she's the master planner. I would set aside a time each week to meal plan, and even to plan making portion-sized baggies of stuff you know you'll use in advance: chopped leek, minced garlic (and then you freeze it). for instance, I enjoy having omelets in the mornings, so I try I'll chop leek, grate a carrot, and tear some kale into a baggie the night before, so that I can just whip up the omelet right away in the AM.

    I also make lots of snack baggies for myself on Sundays, so that during the week, I can just grab one from the fridge if I know I'll be on the go somewhere: like baby carrots, sliced celery, sliced peppers, etc.

    I know it can be a pain to do all that prep, but you'll feel proud of yourself for saving money in the end! You can do it babe!

  2. I hear you! You have freezer space, yes? On weekends, make 3 lasagnas, 3 meat loaves, 3 pizzas, 3 quarts of chilli, or similar freezable items (one oven thing and one stovetop thing), and package them small enough to eat within a day or two. MAKE IT A HABIT to take one out at night for supper the following day. This will help you get through a chunk of the week and possibly feel a bit less crappy about yourself other days, and therefore more inspired to work on it more. Buy vegetables that are easy to eat without pots and pans - broccoli, sweet peppers, carrots, etc. As Sam said these can be prepackaged on the weekend. Mason jar meals are also ALL OVER Pinterest, and girl you cannot tell me you are short on jars!
    What hours of the day are you out of the house exactly? Are you getting enough sleep?