Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas time pictures

I should have titled this pictures in the month of December. Oh well, too lazy to change it.

Place setting for one of my good friends' birthday!

Cupcake tower (cranberry orange white chocolate)

festive salad with apples clementines cheddar and cranberries

Christmas Eve supper, brown rice with garlic mushrooms and shirmps

Quick topping for apple spice rhum caqke: melt some butter, toss in apple slices and pecans, add some brown sugar, pour over cake. BAM instant fancy thing.

I had dinner with Captain America at our annual D&D Christmas feast. Ladies, I wish I could have taken a proper picture of this kitchen. It was magazine worthy. Puts Martha to shame, it does.

Bacon wrapped chicken breast in iron cast with leftover baked taters and onions. Death to my arteries!

Drizzling fast caramel over vanilla spice cupcakes. Disregard the asthma pump,
its my secret ingredient to ensure proper breathing.
My (our) direct response to this morning's snowstorm (dark hot cocoa with minty marshmallows).
Close shot of the previously mentioned muffins.
So I think for my cooking/baking inspiration for this year's December, I was hardcore channeling Paula Deen, which was, in two words, sinfully delicious. But now I must strive to be more like Sally F. Oh wait, New Years is coming! :D

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  1. nomnmnomnomnom
    Sally F would totally approve of all the bacon, butter & animal goodness! though you may be right that she'd frown at the Paula D style sugar use. le sigh.