Monday, September 9, 2013

Lunch time all the time

So I'm trying something new, which is to make all my lunches for the work week at once, something that would save me tons of time prepping (and save me from forgetting the night before and rushing madly the morning of) but I've largely refrained from doing so because Im really scared of the monotony that would create. Eating the same thing over and over 5 days in a row doesn't sound very appealing, but what the heck, I cant judge something without trying it.

So this is what I made, a sort of chili I guess you would call it.

 For the meat base, I used a meatloaf I never got around to cooking, mixture of ground turkey and ground beef with minced broccoli and cauliflower and spices, I'm not sure which I put in there. Sliced an onion, a red pepper, a zucchini (thanks Amy!!), added green and yellow string beans, some carrots, cubed sweet potato and added some chopped fresh tomatoes as well as the last of last year's canned tomato sauce I made, and finally a mix of beans (red, white kidney beans, some chickpeas and I think some split peas as well). Added oregano, paprika, dried chili, chili powder, and jalapeno hot sauce. Shoved all that in the crockpot for a few hours on high. The result is exactly like chili, or maybe a tomato stew. So now I have lunch for the whole week (and a couple bowls that we ate for supper as well). Although I'm loving the result, I know that by Wednesday I'm going to start dreading lunch time haha so I think what I will do is make two recipes every week, freeze the individual portions and mix and match.

Do you have large scale crockpot recipes that are easily freezable and microwavable you would suggest?


  1. I'm working on a couple of those myself: TOTALLY hear you on the monotony of the same work lunch. lol. I've started brainstorming easy recipes throughout the week, and cooking on weekends, but unfortunately I don't have any crockpot ideas...yet. I make lots of chicken soup and freeze, pho ( CAN I GET A HELLS YES!!!!), my go-to eggplant-and-minced-meat hash, and gnocchi in a leek and pepper rosé sauce in bulk. and girl I mean in BULK. Do you like stew? Do you like okra? This is MONEY:

  2. I would for sure do coconut curry, with beef or beans or whatever - I make this once a week usually - delish.

    You could also do some Asian thing (same protein base, whatever veg you want but ideally ones available in China-ish, plus ginger, coriander, garlic, crushed chillis, a touch of rice vinegar, peanut butter...).