Saturday, September 14, 2013

this week in pictures

I'm on a rice paper kick! With a fish and veg filling yesterday.

The hot filling kind of helps cook and soften the noodle-paper. You could deep fry them, I guess, but we just ate them straight, with sriracha. Today I made egg & veg ones with a sauce of peach, olive oil and sriracha. Yum!

Ambrose took this picture of me at dinner.

This one too. Blurry but adorable.
We went for a walk in the wildish path behind our house before lunch today and foraged some grapes from our neighbour's vine, growing over the fence into the path. They were amazing. Champagne grapes maybe? The more I taste of real, fresh, fragrant, homegrown food, the more I realize how bland, starchy, and awful most grocery store produce is.

I decided zucchini season is over, so I harvested the last of the goods and ripped out the vines to clear the patch. I then tossed the plants back over the bed to compost in place. The potted plant behind the flowers you see is a free oregano plant I got from a neighbour.

This is how carrots peek out of the garden.

Little man working in the garden. You can see the new configuration of stones, the maturing kale, and the zucchini vines ripped up in a heap.

Harvesting carrots - taken by Tony. The harvest was decent, given how little TLC I gave to this whole side of the garden.

Fucking beautiful.

I don't have a weekly schedule to show you because I've been working a lot and it's a bit fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. But I am glad I have some of them archived here; I think for the next little while I will do a very regular two-week rotation of the top favourites, plotting crock pot meals on evenings I work, other nights being leftovers or a bit more ambitious.


  1. omg we are so food soul sisters. I've been on a rice paper kick TOO! What an awesome, supercalifragialistic texture it gives.

    1. aww that's so magical that we had embarked on the same food fixation randomly <3