Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happier Foodie Times

While I wait for new dosage to kick in, I think a post is in order following my last depressing one...

real deal lemonade stand in Indiana in August 

See that excitement? Cause that caeser has HAM AND OLIVES! 

Double cheeseburger. For $5. Welcome to 'murica. i think it was bigger than my whole face.

Sun-dappled garlic at the market this fall. This guy maybe had 30 varieties.

bamia (stewed okra and minced meat) for lunch. hea

FOUND: fake butter and fake cream at breakfast place. that's all they had. RESULT: deprimée.

veggie spiral slicer disaster. don't buy this one.

i have no words. 
Love and fried plantains make a Saturday-night cameo

I miss being here. New Brunswick.


  1. Hahaha the pharmacy. It's really for kittens. It is very frustrating and can be scary to have a sick baby who cannot, will not consume the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor because of yuckiness. We also offer a flavouring service, though it isn't advertised as colourfully...!


    What slicer is it?? I have this one on my amazon wishlist:

  2. it's the stainless steel maxam slicer--avoid! ( that video is LIES. pure LIES.

    I've seen the one you have on your wishlist :I would look at USER reviews of it on YT. It seems like the most versatile, and I've seen good YT demonstrations, but I just don't have the room for an appliance that big. I bought the Joyce Chen spiralizer. It's a more compact gadget, and it makes the thinnest "noodles", and leaves only about an inch of leftover veggie. It works pretty well, but nowhere near as versatile as the paderno (which is a version of the machine you'd be getting)