Monday, November 4, 2013

meal plans & highlights


This is the past two weeks; I am sitting down with this entry in part to figure out the coming week.

HIGHLIGHTS: Millet, fennel and feta salad was AMAZING. I cooked about 1 c of dry toasted millet, added 200g feta, 1 bulb of diced and cooked fennel with garlic, hum maybe some other things, spring onions and chickpeas, anyways it was wonderful. I wanted to eat the whole bowl:

The other highlight was the popover. It was based on this recipe, but ours ended up having raddichio, bacon, feta, and maybe that was all (...Tony cooked that night, I'm pretty sure he didn't use the planned zucchini, but I am not totally certain). It was an omnomtastic experience. It was our first popover experience and I don't even know why. It will happen again.

Actually I should also mention the third feta highlight - feta and berry muffins with oats. Yeah, they ruled. The texture was a bit weird, but that was a gluten-free issue; the flavour combination itself was awesome.

We are out of coffee, in other food news. Sad times.

Good times:

That was cheeseburger night.

We lost power this weekend so tonight is pizza night and the rest is TBD. What are you eating this week?

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  1. Yoo! How did you make the popover gluten free? Portions?

    LOVE baby and mama pics!

    love blurry drinking!!

    and Mr. T looks pensive. Why does your wine bottle have a cloth top??