Saturday, February 8, 2014

Brunch Time

So I've taken it upon myself to host a brunch for 8 ladies and myself next Sunday to celebrate one of my closest friend's 25th. To give you a short background note, she mostly organized my bachelorette (and it was awesome), has always made a point of participating to everyone's celebrations, and is just plain around always been there for everyone. On top of that, she's been under a lot of stress (new baby, etc) so I really want to make this girly and stress-free and beautiful for her. Here is my plan, I invite you to please comment and give any advice!
Here is my food plan:
  • The iron skillet will have a hash of sweet potato/onions.turkey sausage with eggs
  • Breakfast enchiladas of eggs, cheese, bacon, peppers
  • Overnight apple pie oatmeal will eb served directly in my mom's cute small crockpot
  • Overnight French toast strata with real maple syrup (none of that fake shit) and layered with whatever berry will be on special (Im hoping blueberries or raspberries)
  • On a 2 tier tea biscuit tower: bottom layer will have buttermilk waffles cut into quarters and dipped into dark chocolate, and the top tier will have thin crisper bowls filled with fruit salad
  • Making granola and filling champagne cups with strawberry layered granola (I did a test run of that and it looks soooo pretty)
  • A salad of baby spinach, toasted pecans, grapefruit segments, and dried cranberries with a sweet poppy seed dressing
  • a basket of banana/oatmeal.chocolate muffins and almond croissants with a couple of jars of my jam.
There will also be a 'drink bar' with a fruity mimosa punch bowl, coffee, tea, hot chocolate. I've also organized a pitch in to buy a floral arrangement for the food table that she will take home as a gift from all of us. And lastly I've invited all the ladies to wear their cute dresses and floppy hats as a theme, and will set up a DIY photo booth with accessories. I'm largely deleguating the photo booth to one of my friends who has a camera and accessories that she can set up, and the mimosa is the responsibility of another friend. The photo booth friend is sleeping over the night before to help me prep and some things can be made this weekend and frozen (waffles, muffins, granola). Im feeling confident about this, and I really want to do this right for her.

Any thoughts/criticism/advice?


  1. Cyn, this looks amazing! The only question I have is: are there more babies coming or just her and her baby (if baby is coming along)? I know sometimes when we get together at Amy's house, and there are several kids, we often tend to take turns watching them, or the gracious men in the house (Read: Tony) will take it upon themselves to entertain the children as the ladies lunch. I would also have a jug of ice water with lemon readily available so that people don't have to take trips back and forth into the kitchen or something. But then again, it depends on how comfortable you are with people meandering and helping themselves. But then again, what do I know. You and Amy are the party queens. Take pics habibi!!

  2. Awwwwwesooolome!! Sounds 100% le amazing!! The food sounds varied, delicious and well-planned, the photobooth will be surely hilarious, you'll have a great time!

  3. Ah yes Sam, that's great, the pitcher idea! There will be no children (I thought everyone would bring their kids and was planning a simpler mini menu for the kiddies), so that's one less thing to think of! Thanks for the comments, I am so ready for thiiiiiiiis!