Monday, February 24, 2014

Brunch Noms

Ahh the power of teamwork. Can I say, usually, I do these kinds of things on my own, an I refuse help of any kind. Pride problem, much? This time, it was different. I delegated.  I now very much appreciate having help. One of my friends took care of the mimosa drink, and another slept over the night before and helped me clean the house and set up the photo booth area. I was so grateful, it allowed me to focus 100% on the food, which I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. The menu was changed and altered, as some of the guests ended up not coming, so the amount of food was diminished.

The final menu was more simple, and I enjoyed it like that. We had baked blueberry & white chocolate French toast, a basket of croissants and roasted banana & chai butter muffins, simple fruit salad, baby spinach/citrus/berry salad, sweet potato/red pepper/green onion hash with eggs, peanut butter brownies, eggs and bacon scramble, and strawberry granola parfaits. Just simple and lovely. My mother in law gave me a loaf of banana chocolate chip bread so that was laid out as well. The light was beautiful, please excuse the multiple pictures of the parfaits but it just struck me as a tableau.

While I cleaned the brunch up and laid out the leftovers/doggy bags area, I invited my guests to go and leave their mark on my wall in my art room, and then we did the photobooth. Everything went great, smoothly, and without a hitch. I suggested we all pitch 5$ and we bought the lovely bouquet in the middle of the table and the birthday girl took it home and watched it bloom during the week. I would say it was an epic success. <3

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    Can you please have another brunch party when I'm in town-PLEASE! Everything looked delicious!!

    and you have an art room? badass.