Sunday, June 8, 2014


Makin salsa - tomato, peach, onion, garlic, a little kombucha, salt, and seasonings to follow after I post this - we'll have this with corn chips tonight before roasted chicken & kale.

From instagram last week - I've started trying to precut my tougher, hardier veg at the start of the week to simplify things. Going well so far!

Spicy chicken tacos with plantain tortillas. 

Leftover chicken, zucchini noodles, celery, green cabbage, tomato, cheddar, balsamic vinegar, garlic, don't remember what else, it was amazing.

My handsome husband cooking at my mom's last weekend.

Me serving lazy sangria cocktails...

Boxed red wine, orange juice, ginger, raspberry, green apple & ice.

Beating egg yolks with hot milk syrup to make custard (and eventually ice cream popsicles).

We have also been enjoying outdoor eating lately... Sigh! Could life be any better? (Maybe if Sam were here ;) I start TWO new classes tomorrow that will end July 10, it's going to be mental; the real test of whether I can handle five classes in the fall. Anyway things will be a bit quiet here, though I hope to report after my birthday party, which will be fantastic. I am already happily making to-do lists in my head. I've got to get fermenting!

Peace to y'all, and happy weekending!

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  1. Being far away is keeping me from enjoying a (not-so) lazy cocktail too :( Can we make some when I come? Did you mince the ginger in a garlic press? How you did it?

    Do you have the plantain tortilla recipe? How did it come out?