Thursday, August 21, 2014

Restaurant Thanjai

Tony and I are on vacation this week - so naturally we are trying some new restaurants! We did Thanjai yesterday for lunch and really liked it. It's South Indian cuisine, very gluten-free friendly, byob, nearly full menu available online, the interior is attractive & cozy, and it smells like heaven. It's on Van Horne, right by Plamondon metro. Check it out!

Tony had a triple-chilli (eg supreme spice) dosa - we're pretty sure the waiter told the kitchen to tone it way down, which, though T was initially excited by the extreme challenge, was a relief, as excitement had gradually given way to prudent terror as we ate our appetizer (green chillis deep-fried in chickpea batter) - I couldn't even finish mine, it was so hot. And it had  0/3 chilli rating if I recall correctly. Whew! Anyway, T enjoyed his meal - dosas are a speciality at Thanjai.

An adorable spice primer on the last page of the menu.

Me looking elegant as I direct the viewer to the spice display by the entrance.

Mmm... Fennel dragées.

Thanjai: you know you want to go.

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