Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I finished work at 1 pm today for a 1:30 pm appointment, which was stunningly on schedule, so afterward I decided to risk/investigate the so-called gluten-free pizza at Double Pizza. There's a location on Wellington, between Hickson and De L'Eglise. I ordered, learned about the product (the pizzas are made to order with certified GF crusts, they wash the knife to cut it), read my book (The Bourne Identity, so good!), and enjoyed. And documented, naturally!

I have had no reaction, so it seems legitimately GF, which is great! It was not packed with flavour, however. Salt and pepper helped, but being used to flavourful, rich sauce and home-prepared toppings, the overall flavour fell a little flat. The texture was great, though. I'd go back in a pinch, when I'm hungry and my plan A falls through, as happened today.

I then went across the street to Brulerie St Henri. The coffee was fine, nothing mind-blowing, but the ambiance was very nice - bold red walls, lots of plants, nice lighting:

Verdun is continuing to grow - it's nice to see!

And in case you don't follow my instagram (@amyparaskevas), this is my new favourite wine, available at the SAQ on Wellington:

Red Velvet by Cupcake. Smokey and woody, nothing like you'd expect from the label. I highly recommend it.

Come visit my 'hood!

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