Monday, January 26, 2015

Food Lately

So last week was the first week where I cooked all week and it felt awesome! I seem to latch on to certain foods that I enjoy and eat them several days in a row, which I could never do before. Its such an intense relief to be able to be at a stove, sit and plan a menu, and do some grocery shopping (still a bit hard, I get very tired after we do a run but I can actually do it, so really not complaining). I cant say Im cooking/baking the same way as before, simply because I don't have the energy to get as involved as before. I make muffins and I need to go chill for awhile. I am constantly fascinated by the changes my body and my brain are going through, its absolutely amazing to me all the changes that have happened. How food tasted different, smelled really horrid, and looked even worst. How I would feel like I was starving and then when I had the plate in front of me, lost all appetite. HORMONES ARE AMAZING AND TERRIFYING AND POWERFUL! The human body is magic.

As far as pregnancy foods, I'm wanting straight up simple fruits/veggies, and super sugary stuff is a huge turn off, as well as processed foods. I had one really intense craving at the very beginning, and it was a McDonald's milkshake. Really weird, since I've never had one before I became pregnant. Took one sip and chucked it, it was so disgusting LOL. So took a few shots of what I've been making/eating lately, picture quality, not so good, plate composition, even worst lol.

The most complicated thing Ive made so far (yes, I hear you laughing LOL). I made a miche of bread (which was sooo therapeutic and lovely), grilled a spicy italian sausage/peppers/onions, topped with spicy coleslaw and avocado. Cheddar broccoli and side salad. CETAIT BON EN TITI

These were my first attempt at making flour free muffins and I loved them. Ground oatmeal into a flour, added a couple of eggs and roasted bananas, vanilla essence, spices, and greek yogurt and mixed all that in a processor. Added some chocolate chips and some strawberry pieces. Tasty, surprisingly sweet even without sugar, and they looked beautiful. Super happy with these. 

I am soooooooo grateful to have a career that allows me to remain home throughout the pregnancy, because otherwise I would have lost my job. After getting through that nausea, I now take care of making J's lunch (makes me feel like a 50's housewife and I love it haha) which also gives me control over what he eats. J enjoys eating a variety of foods but left to his means hell take a pizza pocket over prep time for lunch. So I'm happy that I can help him eat better with foods he likes. This is an example of what I give him: a salad with varied veggies and an oil/vinegar based dressing, a main that I made rather than something that came in a box (pictured, chicken vegetable pie), a side of peppers and fruits for snacks. It might make me sound like the wife who controls everything, but its an arrangement that makes us both happy, I feel useful and purposeful (an issue I'm having a hard time with) and he doesn't have to think about packing his lunch. 

My friend pointed out it looks like a tiki grinning monster face and I cannot unsee it, and now, neither can you ha. Obviously a prafait, greek yoghurt, strawberries, protein granola, and pears with cinnamon and honey.

Salmon, sauteed beans/onions/mushrooms, olives, cheese, and cucumber/tomato/avocado greek salad

This is a salad my mom made when she came over to eat one time. I dont vene remember everything she put in there, baby spinach and couscous, veggies and fruits, sunflower seeds, something something. It was amazing.


Oh and just cause:

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  1. hahahah love the last photo. AND yes the angry tiki cannot be unseen--I practically lol'ed in the middle of a boring class one evening looking at it! I also LOVE your sandwiches. I have never been a big sandwich person but YOURS are masterpieces. Cyn, when you have a moment, would you post the recipe to those oatmeal muffins?

    Gals, this website we have going keeps me SANE. <3 thank you