Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Clinic Week 1 and 2 in Food

It's 3:30 am and I can't sleep--clinic has been taking over MY LIFE BUT NOW I can finally catch up on posting!

Because of Matt's allergies, we rarely go out to eat. If he gets so much a drop of dairy, egg, nitrates, etc., in his food, he has severe headaches and brain fog. The night I flew back to Columbia, he was feeling gregarious enough to try Kobe again, a Japanese resto, that he hadn't been to since his allergy testing. We had a great time. We took pictures together, enjoyed the chef's shenanigans, and skipped back to the car when we were done. I'd always taken eating out for granted before I'd met Amy and before Matt and I dated, but his pretty extreme intolerances truly demonstrate what a privilege it is to eat and enjoy without the fear of getting sick--all the time.

This has nothing to do with food, but srsly look at this cat. He wanted to sit near me while I studied.

The garlic was on sale. I bought 7 heads of garlic to mince and freeze. Samson had never been so fascinated in food.

There is a Walmart and local butcher chain in the area where Matt's home church is. The prices are low. The shrimp was on sale. I grabbed a bag and sautéed some in minced garlic, olive oil, salt and peper for Matt. He was like "WHAT DID YOU PUT ON THIS?" 

One thing I miss the most about Montreal is its abundance of independent, locally-owned grocers. You know--the Espositos, the Marchés Green Punjab, the Greek bakeries. While we DO have some locally owned grocers in Columbia (a Vietnamese lady who has an epic garden/urban homestead, a Fillipino grocer, and an Eastern European grocer all pretty much on the same strip), but I never get around to visiting them much due to their lack of fresh produce. Here is a photo of one of the grocery chains, Gerbes, where I get my flowers. 
First roses of 2015

Guys. GUYS. INSTANT, "fat-free" PB & J. I had to pick some up, I was struck by the novelty. And it's actually delicious. 

Attempting Amy's burger recipe

My man can cook. The most tender pork chops ever tasted smothered in caramelized apples and onions. Side salad of "African Spinach Salad" (FACEPALM WITH ME EVERYBODY) he sampled at a faculty get together.

I think I got home late that day from clinic? I don't know. I was just happy to see him..  
Amy's burgers marinated and ready to bake!

I can't really tolerate nut milks, but I had a weakness. Maybe Quinoa would be better?? It was on sale. 
Weakness #2: Grandma used to buy this cereal, and it reminds me of her. I hadn't had cereal in years. Of course, I paired it with the quinoa milk as soon as I got home!

Matt decided we should celebrate my first week of surviving clinic and suggested Red Lobster (uncharted allergy territory for him). His plate came with salmon, which he can't eat, so I had it. IT WAS ACTUALLY THE BEST SALMON I've had in maybe 10-15 years, before I think factory farming was as big a thing as it is now. But the mussels were terrible. The manager came by to chat us up and revealed that all of the fish was wild-caught, mostly from Alaska, save for the tilapia. My BS radar went off, but I was so impressed with that salmon. I asked how they kept prices so low if all the fish was wild-caught, and he replied, "We work well with our suppliers". I felt a pang of regret--how much do those fishermen make for getting all that fish? Man.

The crab legs were on sale. Matt loves these and is always pining for them.

Making cashew milk

I'm making a HUGELY conscious effort to use food as fast as possible so as not to waste it. Hence the absurd amount of mushrooms in my egg scramble.
Food solution for every grad student ever: STUFFED PEPPERS. 

I came home yesterday at almost 9 pm from clinic to find dinner (almost) prepared. Matt has been waiting for me after work several days a week recently and damn, it's an amazing feeling to find someone you love waiting for you at home after an exhausting, soul-crushing day. Especially when what's also waiting is a grilled flat-iron steak topped with sweet onion! 

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