Friday, February 6, 2015

Weeknight Suppers

I've been pretty absent around here since being back at school, but on Sam's last trip she exhorted me to try to post more. I'd like to only post long, helpful things with recipes and gorgeous photography, but that's not my life, and not really what this blog is, so I am going to try to turn over a new leaf and share bits and pieces, even if the pictures are badly lit and a bit grainy. So here I am, checking in, and today am sharing two meals we've had this week.

For make no mistake - the meal plan chart in the kitchen is no longer functional. Sunday we almost always have roast chicken. Leftovers on Mondays. Tony cooks every Tuesday (his day off). The other days, we either defrost meat in the morning, or we throw something meat-free together in the evening. Maybe once a week we use the crock pot. Thursdays I get Ambrose fairly late, because my yoga class ends at 5, so we try to crock it that day, but sometimes that doesn't happen. So here are a few things we do on non-meat days. If I'm really tired, it might be eggs, or crackers & cheese, with veg, but if I have a little more energy, this would be typical...

We use these salad boxes for 2.99$ a lot. Easy. Don't love the plastic, but it's a compromise we can do.

Cheesy mint pasta with salad and a rosé wine vinegar dressing. I've also been making sprouts consistently this winter, so we have sprouts in salad regularly as well. We really don't eat pasta very often, despite what non-celiac folks tends to assume; maybe every two or three weeks. We rely a lot more on rice.

Tonight - cheesy veg quinoa. I soaked it a few hours before cooking; the brand we buy tends to run pretty bitter, so either it needs a lot of rinsing, or a quick rinse, a soak, and a final quick rinse. It also gets nice and soft and fluffy after soaking.

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