Friday, February 6, 2015

celiac girl on the go

Here's a peek at how I eat when on the go! Last night I met a friend for drinks, planned to stay at her place and then go directly to a philosophy conference for volunteering - and when I say "planned", I  of course am referring primarily to the food!

Packing up muffin mix to take overnight.

Bits & bites packed for my volunteering gig: cheese sticks, a veg bag, an apple, sardines, crackers, a cereal bar.

Got up after five hours of sleep and made muffins in a strange kitchen! Both of its usual inhabitants were sweetly slumbering. They even have an old-school oven like my mom's old one - when preheated, the light goes off! So 90s!! 

Brekky in a bright kitchen reading Pride and Prejudice on my phone. 

Then off to UQAM I trotted for the Philopolis conference - conference volunteering is pretty much the best part of academia; I highly recommend it if you've never given it a shot. They had a very nice refreshments table! 

The floor of UQAM we were on was awesome. Super rad. Here's the Café Aquin menu.

The café is adjecent to a cozy lounge area. It was adorable! 

The following aren't directly food-related but I just had to share!

It was really a fantastic day! I am actually also feeling sick as a dog, but despite that am contemplating going to one of the last conferences tomorrow:

Oh, Aristotle!

So all this to say - celiac makes things a bit harder. Life takes more planning. But it's doable! If you're new to gluten-free, you might grieve a good year - but then it's time to grab the bull by the horns and get back to living. No apologies! No self-pitying comparisons to the ease and cheapness of your old way of living & eating! Say yes to what you want in your life and make it work!

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