Saturday, January 28, 2012

fermented update

1. Fish sauce does not age well. By extension, the ketchup did not age well, and got progressively fishier. By the time Sam tried it, it was um... pretty fishy. Sorry, Sam. We threw it out after that.
2. OH MY GOSH I love chutney.
3. I am making kimchi and it tastes good so far - but I don't know what to serve it with!?!? Hyun did you get my letter about this??
4. I made homebrew and am happy enough with the results that I will blog about it when I have the time. Keep your eyes peeled for Radical DIY Homebrew 2.0. Get excited!!

1 comment:

  1. hai.

    where's this chutney recipe?! stop tantalizing us with news of your wonderful chutney and post recipe already please!



    (and I SO LOLed at the ketchup comment. oh please. thank you for having me over that day!)