Friday, January 6, 2012

muffin fail


I am constantly looking for a reliable, delicious muffin recipe that can be adapted to use different add-ins. I am really into cranberry & chocolate chip right now. Must have butter or be butter-friendly for substitutions. Must rise nicely and be cute looking. Must leave the muffin pan without too much fuss. Help!! My mom had a book of just muffin recipes when I was growing up - it had elves on the cover and more funny elves throughout. Adorable! I look for it every time I visit her, even though I know it got lost somehow years ago (infuriating!). Maybe I need a new muffin book?


  1. Yes!! My amazing mother-in-law posted a recipe on her blog, I think for me? I can't wait to try it!:

  2. UM

    what, excuse me, did I read FAIL? They were DELICIOUS. I had 3. Julia and I INHALED them. They were so perfect. So what if they don't conform to the muffin pan? You made non-conformist, renegade muffins--hello, the best kind of muffins there is, obviously!

  3. lol sorry sweetheart none left. I make you more!!! better ones.