Saturday, January 14, 2012

KAFFIR (Lime Leaves)


Where do I find this stuff?


  1. from google search:

    "Assuming you mean the fresh leaves.

    Thai Hour, on the southwest corner of Jean-Talon East and St-Denis (Jean-Talon metro), usually has them, as does the Cambodian grocery on the other side of St-Denis (Phnom Pehn?). You'll also find them in two or three of the Asian stores on the west side of Victoria in the blocks north of Van Horne (Plamondon metro), e.g. Marché Victoria Orientale (6324 Victoria, 514 737-4715)."

  2. Hugs. You are so wonderful! Thank you, thank you!!

    How did I not think of Thai Hour before?

  3. You can also get dried ones at Au Branche d'Olivier, up in my hood. Like, a year late, I know. lol