Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garden Food

This warm weather and melting snow is giving me gardening fever! Anyone planting an edible garden this spring? Do tell. :)


  1. I dont know if the question is aimed at us or the baristas, but I am! We're looking into moving into a larger home with our own backyard space so what exactly will depend, but I am very lucky that in my town we have community garden plots! So if I cant use my home soil, I will use that!

  2. Yes me too, getting excited! I'd like to grow beans, lettuce, carrots, and squash. I planted garlic in the fall. I'd also like to try to grow lentils or chickpeas or some other pulse. Tomatoes and peppers would be nice, but seem finicky.

  3. everything I've tried to plant dies. so, I Will try again this year...but I'm disheartened. :(