Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Julia's baby shower

The spread: veggies with green onion and mayo dip; brie and jalepeno havarti; pain d'epi bread (cut into chunks arranged to look almost braided, like a wheat stalk - easy for parties, you just break off a chunk and don't worry about slicing); zatar; chocolate sour cream cake; lemon meringue sugar sandwich cookies.

the heart stencil is easy to make - cut it out of thin cardboard and tape on a thin finger handle for easy lifting when you're done.

assembling meringue cookies.

Julia & Sam.

Jake enjoying bread with cheese, with Ambrose in hot pursuit.

Olive loves dried apricots.

I love parties!


  1. So delicious. I think I shamelessly ate everything on that table. Poor Tony didn't have much left to his name.

    Thank you amy!!!

  2. still fantasizing about those meringue cookies.