Monday, November 5, 2012

kamut noodles!

Farfalle and... long noodley things.

What with my wheat sensitivity, and my devotion to Jamie Oliver, it was really just a matter of time before I had a crack at making pasta. (I think every book of his I've ever seen, except Jamie's America, has a section on making pasta, and the man has a lot of books!) I was making kamut tortillas earlier today for supper (tacos), and it occured to me that since I already had the Kitchenaid full of dough residue, and while the island was clean but powdered with flour, and while I had the rolling pin out, well, by golly, it was time to make noodles.

The farfalle are drying in the oven with just the light on, because I have yogurt fermenting in there as well and figured I may as well pack it a little fuller and get my money's worth - farfalle is a bit thicker because of the pinchy middles - the long noodles are just out on the island to dry.

We'll be cooking and nomming one or the other tomorrow night with some leftover sauce from Halloween (see recipe, below) - I'll let you know how it is!

I can totally already feel that I've been bitten by the bug - as evidenced by the fact that I made two batches in a row, even though I have a tantalizing episode of Sherlock with about twenty minutes left awaiting me on Netflix, yes? And I can't help but daydream - I have little beets in the fridge - I can make beet pasta! I have spinach downstairs - spinach pasta! Pasta for Christmas presents! Pasta for parties! Oh my goodness we are just getting started!

On a final note, I have an interview coming with my local CSA farmer... keep bugging me about it... I haven't sat down yet to even start, but hopefully I'll publish it within the next few weeks!




    What did you use to make the linguine noodles? Why not keep them fresh instead of drying? I hope you kept some fresh!!!

    1. Yo yo!! I just rolled it out on the island, divided it into four, length-wise, and then cut the strips with a pizza cutter. I didn't keep any fresh because the wheels for tacos were already in motion (raw beef in the fridge, tortillas freshly made), and the sauce I wanted to use with the pasta was defrosting on the counter, so there was really no other way!