Thursday, May 2, 2013

Follow Up

I tried sprouting lentils then cooking them. This is about as far as I let them sprout. I boiled them for over 2 hours to make soup--AND THEY NEVER GOT SOFT. Horrible. 

This really struck me as bizzarre. It's my instinct to be wary of anything pre-fab: but this is actually healthy.  But the fact that they've assembled it for you obviously jacks up the price. 

Grilled cheese with mushrooms, onions, and homemade guacamole on rosemary-olive oil bread. Delish, but a bit dry. Needed either more cheese or some mayo.
Pretty nature on campus

HOLY MEYER LEMONS BATMAN!!! (on sale. organic. for less than $3.)

It was 28 degrees for 3 days straight. He wanted to get his tan on

Finely zested meyer lemon and honey yogurt. Magical. 

Lemon, lime, and thyme water.

Coconut-lemon-thyme veggie-noodle soup, with poached salmon. Just so, so delicious

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