Saturday, April 20, 2013

Catch Up

So Amy lent me this FABULOUS book on food photography that is so interesting, it made me rethink angles and light, and Ive been taking pictures like mad. So here are a few shots of what Ive been making lately:

Leftover Egg White (I had a couple leftover from a meringue I was making) and Veggie Scramble


Warm Palettes aka Carrots and Peppers

Carrots from above pic, marinated and grilled chicken on rice medley and tomato red pepper bruschetta


Stir Fry collection

Mish Mash of everything I had leftover in my fridge became a sort of minestrone soup without the tomato base

Sauteeing mushrooms like a BOSS

Rememeber that brushcetta from before√Č The next morning I pulverized it, mixed it with a bit of oil√©vinegar and made this AWESOME dressing

Powdered Strawberries

Blood Orange

Food is so beautiful. We just have to take a moment to recognize it and capture it.


  1. Woowww, holy toledo Cyn, this is good stuff! Your shots have improved like crazy! I'm glad you're enjoying the book!!

  2. This is really beautiful. Esp the orange sanguine and the salad. Whoa la!

  3. btw red pepper monster made me HAHAHAH out loud!