Monday, April 8, 2013

noms lately

tapioca breadsticks with proscuitto, cheese and herbs, which I talked about here

ketchup! on egg cups! rejoice!

for supper this evening we had a wild, ridiculous salad - three kinds of letuce, carrots, radishes, dill garlic pickles, leftover roast pork, fresh curd cheese, green apple, quinoa, and two kinds of dressing (the leftover KS ranch dressing, which we're loving lately, plus some garlic-OO-balsamic-herb thing from the fridge). it was SOOOOOOOO GOOD. I am just as excited to eat it for my lunch tomorrow.

Tony made us a GF almond flour and orange cake. Yummy! It was not very sweet. It left me wanting a chocolate sauce, or perhaps a cream cheese frosting... mmm. Oranges are super on sale at Super C this week.

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