Thursday, April 4, 2013

links to our cooking lately

Cast Iron Skillet Grain and Gluten Free Pizza It was good! It was actually better on a greased cookie sheet than in a cast iron pan, though maybe it would be fine if the pan was greased - he doesn't call for any oil, weirdly! It also made really excellent breadsticks!

GF Carob Brownies Yum! We used tapioca flour, and for add-ins we did 1/2 c each pecans and fresh cranberries, plus one dark Lindt bar, broken into shards, IT WAS SO GOOD. I did another batch with teff flour and I think tapioca was better.

DIY rice (or other grain) milks Very excited to try! I have two beloved vegans in my life so making grain milk is a skill worth mastering.

Gluten-Free Brown Bag Cookies - yay! Brown Bag Cookie Molds are a discontinued line of wonderful molds, of which I have a couple, and I am very excited to try a GF version. I bought a vintage sheep one for Easter, which came today, we'll make some tomorrow!

When Sam was in town she kindly brought me to the Bulk Barn, which was my first trip since GF. It was very exciting. I bought tapioca flour (normally you can buy it in tiny packets, so bulk is great), teff flour, sorghum flour, carob powder, and carob chips (chocolate is of course GF but it has caffeine, so we bought carob to feel better about giving the baby treats)... it was an exciting few days, until I realized they were horribly contaminated. Augh! I'd been warned in various GF articles that this often happens at bulk stores. I plan to complain to the Bulk Barn when I have a few moments; they advertise the flours as being gluten-free! Lies! I had several days where I was exhausted all day within hours of waking up, my eczema flared up horribly, and I was in pain in the powder room. Gee whiz. Since I used tapioca, sorghum, carob and teff flour all within a couple days of each other before realizing it must be the BB purchases rather than PMS, I don't know which are contaminated, or if it's all of them, or what. I nibbled on a few unsulphered apricots this evening, so we'll see if those are okay - I'm hoping they and the carob chips and pure baking chocolate are alright, and that it's just the flours, at worst. Booo!

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