Monday, May 27, 2013


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ive been really hanging back on the whole soaked flour thing. Mainly because the idea of leaving flour mixed with buttermilk on a counter overnight at room temp, and then cooking it the next morning kind of creeps me out a bit. It hard to put aside lifelong ideas about the way a certain product should be used (i.e. you do not leave milk on the counter overnight and then eat it). Yes I read about it, yes I understand everything, that doesnt make the instinct go away. Just like how, for the life of me, I just cant do frog legs. I dont care if it tastes like chicken, Im sure it does, I just dont want to eat frogs.

Anyways, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and make a damn woman out of myself, and try this shizzle out. I followed this recipe to the T, which I never do, but I didnt want to play around with things I wasnt sure of myself. I made the buttermilk with vinegar and milk. I set it on the counter and went to bed, and I literally prayed that I wouldnt poison myself out of foolishness.

Next morning, Im taking my sweet ass time to delay going to look at the bowl full of counter-pancake mixture. I finally got the courage to edge my way, took a deep breath, prayed once more that I wouldnt see a bug infested, lumpy soured milk thing that would smell 'comme le yawb' as we say in real good quebecois. Looked down and saw this:

Ok, no bugs, no weird colored growth, and when I smelled it, it didnt smell off. Very surprising, and reassuring. Time to see if these babies can actually be cooked:

Nce and bubbly, like real pancakes. This was going pretty good, nothing jumped at me from the mixture so far, so I was gaining confidence. What I didnt realize was that regular pancakes seemed to have a much shorter cooking time than soaked pancakes, so right off the bat I got either really burnt pancakes, or thick, still uncooked inside pancakes.

Sad burnt pancake face. So after readjusting my pouring sizes, after a few scrap batches of trial and error, I finally got these beautifully cooked pancakes which I immediately stacked and poured a goodly amount of our provincial treasure aka maple syrup. Time to try these babies out! Well, end result is, they tasted pretty much the same as the regular ww pancakes. The difference was how my belly felt after eating them. I think they were noticeably easier to digest, and I didnt feel bloated like I sometimes do when I eat pancakes. Of course, like a dodo head, I forgot to take a picture of the end result. Just imagine a delicious stack of pancakes. Totally sold.


  1. Yayyy awesome!! You da girl!! Vinegar is amazing stuff honey! It makes a totally unhospitable environment for competing pathogens, eg mold & critters. I'm so glad you took the dive!!

    1. Ah I have you to thank mademoiselle! Baby steps!