Sunday, June 2, 2013

why not to use glutenous recipes with GF baking

These mutant cupcakes were made, foolishly, with the One-Egg Cake recipe from my mother's Joy of Cooking. I used 2/3 rice flour and about 1/3 almond flour. FAIL. I made them just two days ago at my mom's house, with refined wheat flour, for her birthday, and they were BEAUTIFUL. I didn't taste them, obviously, but they were perfect, fluffy, fragrant little puffs of magic. I iced them with, at her request, a basic butter and icing sugar frosting (I hate icing sugar, I never use the stuff), with a dollop of sour cream, and she said they were the best cupcakes ever. I wanted to recreate the magic at home... and failed. So, kids, lesson learned - it's worth looking up official, tested gluten-free recipes if you want to bake GF goods.

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