Friday, June 7, 2013

zucchini lasagna!

Omnom! I precooked the slices (made with a mandoline) until soft and lightly browned, just straight in a cast iron pan, no fat needed. I kind of forgot that lasagna usually involves a creamy layer, so we just forewent that. SO GOOD! I bought and sliced way more zucchini than we ended up needing, so I froze a bunch for next time. I've requested lasagna for my birthday, so I also made a ton of sauce to freeze some for that occasion. I have rice lasagna noodles ready for the occasion, but I will definitely do zucchini again! Yum!


  1. That looks incredible! My grandmother makes something similiar, what we call zuchinni bechamel. No tomato sauce, but the works on the top!

  2. zucchini? my spelling nemesis