Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a welcome lunch for Sam

The spread.

Bacon-wrapped asparagus...

Cashew-based vegan boursin (from this book) on rice crackers

A close-up. It was delicious, though more like a pate than boursin.

Cashew-based cheesecake, from the same book! I didn't make it vegan; I fermented the cashew paste with dairy yogurt (you just need a little), and I used eggs to bake the cake, because the real aim was being as dairy-free as possible for Sam (who doesn't tolerate dairy well) and eggs are more readily available than agar-agar! Probably cheaper, too.

It was wicked good! The crust was hazlenut and prune with vanilla.

The topping was cranberry, banana, and a bit of sugar, cooked and poured over the baked cake. SO GOOD!
Okay, admittedly, we started lunch at 3 PM, because our morning errands didn't commence briskly at 9 AM as I had foolishly hoped, but you know, it was a good meal, and we didn't faint away while we waited for it, so, whateva whateva!

Welcome, Sam!!


  1. Always must plan a 4 hour delay when making plans with Sam!

  2. HEY hey to be fair there was no time specificed ;)

    and I can testify: that cake was the best thing I've ever had in my life. no really. YUM