Sunday, June 30, 2013

a tale of two dishes

chicken feet, kombu, ginger, apple cider vinegar, salt, and water, simmering all day...

and the resulting stock cubes! (this is how it's done)

making cinnamon rolls. in a way, it's easier than with gluten dough to form a rectangle, because you pat it into place; with glutenous dough, if it gets a bit lopsided you can't just reconfigure it the way you can with GF dough because of the gluten bonds. The dough is rice flour, almond meal, milk, butter, honey, salt and yeast. I formed the dough, chilled it a bit, then applied the filling...

butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

rolling... slowly, gingerly. you expect tears in a GF dough... but actually it went really well!

I got into the flow.

the completed log. not torn to pieces!

then cut, placed in a buttery dish, left to rise, and baked. wow! they were yummy! Sam and I are starting a 21-day sugar detox tomorrow, so I wanted to go out on a sweet note :)


  1. Those buns look incredible. Did you frost them? How you made the stock cubes?? How long did you simmer them? How you made them into cubes? Those don't look ice cube tray shaped?

  2. No I didn't frost the buns, because a) I hate icing sugar, as you know! and b) since we're sugar detoxing starting today I wanted to say goodbye to sweetness with one last embrace, but one which was not so intense that it would leave me with withdrawal. Next time maybe I'd make a caramel sauce to go with them or do the upside down caramel thing (where you place them in a pan with butter and sugar so while baking it caramelizes on the bottom, then you flip it all over when it's done onto a plate so the caramel is on the top.)

    This is a boullion tutorial - I will add a link to the entry! I simmered about 8 hours. I then set them into a square pan (a loaf pan would have been better, the cubes would have been thicker) and let them chill. With the right body part (feet, knuckles, tails) the idea is that you cook it down to a gelatine (you can tell whether it will set by just feeling a drop or two from the pot after about 8 hours, it'll be really squishy and slipper), so once it's strained, in a dish and in the fridge, it hardens. You cut them up with a knife. I then further dried them out on cloths as you can see.

  3. Her post looks amazing! Did you also use gelatin in your recipe?