Friday, January 17, 2014

day off

an ugly picture of beautiful cabbage.


look at that cheese

this week has been week one of my primal trial (eg no grains or legumes, otherwise business as usual).

kombucha! the thing at the forefront is a dried SCOBY to send to a friend. jars of jasmine green tea kombucha on the left, fresh citron oolong tea with sugar on the right, the SCOBY and a bit of leftover kombucha in the back, waiting for the fresh tea to cool.
and now, some older ones:

one bright day in December I was craving poutine in a bad way. We had leftover thick meat gravy from a roast, so I attempted making some GF poutine. It was okay. I don't like tapioca as a thickener or flour, I always taste it.

Christmas day, evening dessert. Roasted bananas with butter-chai sauce, then lit on fire with a little brandy, served with whipped cream. It was the best.
So yeah, primal trial, it's fun. I am going to buy plantain today for the first time ever. I bought Practical Paleo with a Christmas gift card and I am just eating it up!! Basically primal is like paleo but with dairy. So there you have it.


  1. Yeah, I was just gonna say. OMG those bananas. Amy, have you considered trying agar-agar as a thickener for your poutine? I know it was en vogue a few years ago, but never tried it because it was a tad expensive. What about just plain gelatin?