Thursday, December 1, 2011


KIMCHI - you either love it or hate it. If you're like me, you LURRVE it! But if you are on a budget, the price of store bought kimchi can get expensive (especially when you have a hungry hungry hippo.... I mean husband). When I lived alone in downtown Ottawa, I used to buy a large tub of kimchi for $12.99 at the Korean grocery store which would last me a month, at T&T the smallest container (like one meal's worth) is roughly $5 bucks. Btw I have no idea how much kimchi costs in Montreal.

So what do I do? I make it... the easy way.

Chop two Napa cabbages into 2 inch pieces. Peel and chop one daikon (Lobok) radish into inch pieces. Put into a large pot. Mix one cup of water with a quarter cup of coarse sea salt. Pour over cabbage and radish. Let sit over night on counter. I usually put a plate on top of the cabbage then a lid.

The next day it looks like this.

Remove the salt water and set aside.

Chop 4-6 green onions into 2 inch lengths. Add to pot.

Add some minced ginger (2-3 tbs).

Add some fish sauce (2-3 tbs).

Add hot pepper flakes and lots of minced garlic (7+ cloves).
MIXY MIXY and.....

Put into jars. Pour reserved salt water on top.
Let sit on counter for 3 days, then put it into the fridge and to let it mature for a week.
This should last me a month. Happy Kimchi'ing! :)


  1. OOoooooooo...... I need to do this!! I even have freshish fish sauce!!!

  2. this is mighty impressive! you put this native Korean to shame. will definitely be trying this out! i should really ask my mom for her recipe too :D

  3. COOL. I have always wanted to try my hand at making kimchi. Can I use another veggie other than cabbage though? It doesn't bode well with the tummy...

  4. Sam, you can pickle anything. Radish kimchi, cucumber kimchi the list goes on.

    Hyun, I have a recipe for traditional kimchi, but it would probably take me all day just to do the chopping. But it seems people work in teams when they make traditional kimchi. We should tackle this together.

  5. ain't no party like a kimchi-making party! i'd be down for that!