Monday, November 28, 2011

fermented update


So to report back - the ketchup and chutney were awesome! I was really quite afraid of the ketchup - the smell of the fish sauce had been so strong, and there were so few seasonings, I expected it to be gross - but the boys requested ketchup for their potatoes, so I gulped, tested the ketchup with a potato, and was pleasantly surprised! The chutney I'd had higher hopes for, and was not disappointed - it was a hit! In the words of my God-son's 8-year-old brother: "What is this brown stuff? It's delicious!"

Both are from Nourishing Traditions - so while I'm at it, I'll add that I've had a substantial amount of ginger ale made from the recipe from the same book today - so overall I am now happy to recommend the book, quirky though it is!

And, okay, the above pictures are not of any of the foods I am describing - but they made up part of the meal on Sunday, and I can't very well post with no pictures, now can I?

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  1. how much fish sauce did the fermentation actually yield? I want to try it so badly but worried for the terrible smell!