Thursday, November 17, 2011

introducing Heather

Ahoy-hoy! I'm Heather.

Unlike Amy, I do not often cook with a baby strapped to my body. I have not mastered this skillful level of cookery.
Food philosophy: I’m definitely not a foodie. And I’m surprisingly lazy when it comes to fixing food for myself. However, I am willing to put more effort into cooking for my friends and family (because I lurrve them). Tea time!!

Top culinary influences: KOREAN! Japanese, Italian, UK (aka Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall), Moroccan
Favorite cook books: Not so many books, mostly Internet & Youtube, like Aeri’s Kitchen, Cooking with Dog, Runnyrunny999,
Favorite 5 ingredients: Couscous, Napa cabbage, green onions, laver, bananas, almonds, raisons, lemon juice (More than 5 Heather? Sorry! I can’t follow the rules.)
Favorite 5 dishes: kimchi, rice with laver, sushi, baba au rum, dolsot bibimbap, tabbouleh.
How did you learn to cook?: Watching my mom, Internet and above all... Youtube.
Your week in cooking: So, what do we have here in the fridge? Mish-mash melosh. Don’t really have a plan - you may have to fend for yourself!
Culinary fascination of the moment: fig trees; miniature tropical indoor fruit trees, aquaponics.
Culinary ambitions: To be more prepared when cooking in the kitchen, and not be afraid to make a mess. (my logic is, no mess = fewer dishes)
Top serving tips: Keep it simple, ask for help and get someone else to wash dishes.
Your dream kitchen: Did someone say dishwasher? I dream of a dishwasher. And a ladder, as I am too short to reach the top shelves. Automatic fresh tea maker, automatic vitamin injector (injectable into all forms of chocolate and other delectable goodies) Hey! you did say I could dream.
But why have a dream kitchen when you can have a dream cook? ♥

My hubby, dream


  1. hahahahahaha amazing!!!! What is that delectable confection in the second picture??

  2. really looking fwd to seeing some of your korean creations Miss Heather! I've seen some authentic Korean dishes and they look really healthy. What's your favourite??

  3. Oh and also, what do you mean when you use the word "foodie", as in "I am definitely not a ~"?

  4. Have you made sushi at home before, Heather? I'm too scared to try...

  5. :) Foodie aka sophisticated food connoisseur. I ain't no foodie, but I do like foodz. And katz playing keyboardz.

    SAM! when I'm poor I order dolsot bimbimbap. when I have money, I order sam yup sal (spelling?). At home I've tried my hand at kim bap, green onion pancakes, kimchi pancakes, cucumber kimchi, napa kimchi, kimchi bokkeum bap, sweet potato noodles and that delicious potato side dish... Dominique even tired to make kohgn namool gook (aka bean sprout soup). Oh! and I had a friend from Korea show me how to make cold noodle soup. Soooooooo goooooooooood. Yum!!

  6. I've made cheap imitation sushi. I'm too scared to handle raw fish - I've never been trained and thus lack confidence.