Monday, March 3, 2014

makin' sauerkraut

1. remove 1-2 outer leaves of cabbage carefully, set aside*. then shred your cabbage. this is one head of green cabbage. add salt - I use three tbsp salt for one head of cabbage.

2. work it, baby, work it. it just takes a minute or two if you put your weight into it - knead, squeeze and work it till it gets briney.

2a. the salt breaks the cells to release water.

3. pack it in a jar. this 2L beauty is from Michaels.

4. when it's all in, press down the solids so the brine is at the top.

5. take your reserved cabbage leaf and edge it in, stalk part first.

6. push it 1-2 inches below the surface.

7. now, carefully tuck in the whole leaf around the shredded cabbage, rotating the jar to make sure everything is evenly tucked in.

8. lift out any solids floating at the top, seal tightly, and let it ferment for a week or two, as you like it.
Other notes - you can add whatever vegetables you want. This is the plainest kind I have ever made.

You know it's working when you see fermentation gases lifting the vegetable matter - you need to push it down every few days, especially at first. After a few days you can put a small 125mL mason jar on the top of the cover leaf to help keep things down.

Fermentation builds pressure, so open and reclose the lid every few days to avoid cabbage explosions.

Sandor Katz is the man, so check out his instructions too.

*Using cabbage leaves to submerge the kraut rather than a glass or stone crock weight lid is a genius idea from Practical Paleo, all credit to the author.


  1. THANK YOU for this tutorial! love the pics. daym yo body is photogenix.

    You reminded me: i need to check on my fermented lemons. my first fermentation experiment!

  2. I bought CABBAGE YESTERDAY!!!! and BEETS!!! I think I'm going to do your rainbow kraut recipe. SO EXCITING