Monday, March 10, 2014

right now in the kitchen...

Just took chicken leg & backs out of the oven; precooked for Wednesday's salad, will process them later for freezing and get the stock going overnight.

Roasting sweet potatoes; red peppers and red onion already done - for soup.

Making honey rose syrup to keep on hand for mixing with gin, my favourite.

Doing endless dishes.

Sauerkraut's almost ready.

Pot of tea with honey ready and waiting; the leaves on their second wind, freshened with fenugreek seeds.

Not far away there is an unbelievable amount of laundry to put away, pictures that need rehanging, and a little boy who needs picking up from preschool soon. I guess I'll take that tea to go.

My reflection this weekend was that cooking is something you simply choose to make time for. You can eat real food if you plan for it, no matter how busy you are, and you can equally choose to eat garbage even though you're relatively free with your time. It's a commitment, and a lifestyle, and a privilege, and a pleasure, to choose the beauty and vitality and holism and sustainability and bonding of real food. I am so glad I have this blog space in which to celebrate this lifestyle.

It is not so cold as it has been outside today. I think I'll start my seedlings this weekend. Stay tuned.

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  1. I also love having this blog as a space to share and swap ideas.

    How long does kraut take? Didn't the fermented lemons take a month? I am thinking of doing the kraut this weekend. Also, I left my beets out on the counter and they got soft. Wtf?