Sunday, August 12, 2012

Atwater Market

This guy with the lobsters was being filmed for some TV show, presumably - we stood around and watched him say "And as for biting, check out these bad boys!!" about five times. Being an actor must be tiring.

Ginger beard!!

What a welcoming sight.

Hello, lovelies! Tomatoes and hot peppers - two loves of my life.



And more berries! Everybody is swimming in berries these days. If only we could afford Atwater Market prices, haha. I'm still waiting for Maxi's $1/pint sale... hoping I don't let the summer fly by without buying any, foolishly waiting for a price drop that won't happen (it did last year but what do I know about berry crops?).

TOMATO VINEGAR! I was amazed obviously.

And by the way, I updated the freakin layout!! Summer is going to be with us for a while longer so let's squeeze all the sunshine and good food out of it that we can, yes? And post about it on our suitably-laid-out food blog :) (As I explained on my main blog, our camera is back in action!)

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  1. yo man. We really need to do a Grandma Gabriel date and stuff some eggplant. And cook them. DUUUUUDE.