Thursday, August 9, 2012

Parisian Potato Fail

So, I haven't really cooked in a while. Not that I did not want to, it is just that every weekend (aka Thursday to Sunday) for the last three weeks we have been staying with my in-laws.  When we get home Sunday night, our fridge is usually empty and I ask Dominique to run out and get a few things, just enough to last 3 days.

So tonight, our third night back in OT I decided to cook up some little round potatoes that I purchased at Farm Boy. I thought, "Oh, well they're so small I could just fry them up in the frying pan." Wrong. They did not cook like regular small potatoes. Epic fail. It ends up they were parisian potatoes, which need to be boiled before roasting. Oops.

My brain only associates boiling potatoes with mashed potatoes (which I seldom enjoy). My sister loved mashed potatoes and I was forced to eat them a minimum of twice a week. Such suppressed childhood memories have given me potato-boiling-aversion as an adult. That and it just takes so much more effort and needlessly dirties another dish.

Next time my little french patates, I'll get you right.

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  1. Bahahahahaha. Awwww. I had no idea les patates parisiennes needed to be boiled either...thanks for sharing Heather!