Saturday, August 18, 2012

breakfast of champions!

Sourdough flax waffles!

With butter and maple syrup, strong coffee and Jesus of Nazareth 2.

A hit! The baby devoured them.

I basically used the High-Fiber Sourdough Waffles recipe from King Arthur Flour, with a few changes:

For the sponge, I used 2 c whole wheat flour - I opted for bread flour, as the recipe is yeasted, so this made sense to me - normally I use pastry flour for waffles, so this really opened up a whole new world of waffles to me!

Instead of maize flour I used flax meal (about half meal and half whole, really).

Instead of sugar I used xylitol.

Instead of sourdough starter, I used 1 c of Artisan Bread in 5 dough I had in the fridge, a basic whole wheat batch - I knew it would do the same leavening job, and it already had an aged flavour. (For other AB5 folks who like sourdough flavour but not the work of maintaining a sourdough starter, just leave out your dough overnight instead of for 2 hours; it will give it all more time to ferment and develop those nice sour alcohol flavours.) I was concerned that because AB5 dough is stiffer than sourdough starter, the liquids in the recipe would be thrown off, but it was a non-issue; the batter/sponge consistency was perfect.

Instead of buttermilk I used a mix of kefir (about 1 1/4 c) and milk (about 3/4 c), knowing the yeast and kefir in the sponge would ferment the milk overnight, and knowing that even failing that the whole sponge would definitely be acidic enough to react to the baking soda in the morning on just the strength of the bread yeast and the kefir fermentation.

(Geeze, I should just write a new recipe, eh!?)

And of course, I used real butter when mixing it together in the morning, as I would insist you do as well!

It was totally delicious and filling, it photographed well, plus it was a soaked/fermented food. really, what more can you ask of a recipe??

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