Monday, August 19, 2013

catch-up mashup

Ladies!! I know I'm super overdue with a post, but for those of you who don't know, I'm back in Missouri for the start of the fall semester, so getting myself ready (grocery shopping, sweeping, dish-washing, crying, lol) has taken up so so much time.

So without further ado...I present my favourite food moments of the summer!
my grandma looking RADIANT at the Lachine Rapids. I took her for her birthday in June and she was the happiest girl in the world. We had (lots of) wine, stuffed pickled eggplant, and baby back ribs.

Julia and I went to Aux Vivres and shared 2 plates. These vegan pancakes don't look like much, but they were AWESOME. with cranberry-orange jam and cashew cream. It was INSANELY good.

My dad's famed kebabs. The secret(s): baking soda, and spraying them with water as they grill to help them stay moist. 

The speech therapist I volunteered under got me this basil from her produce basket one week because I keep talking about this site. Really sweet of her! Also served as aromatherapy in some shitty Montreal traffic. 
Mr. T mans the grill for the annual Ghali-Paraskevas Seafood BBQ

Showing off his grillin skillz

what heaven looks like covered in pink icing 

I brought my friend Nadia to Verdun for lunch at a place called Café Fraisjus that I'd been dying to try. It's a creperie, but since I am paleo-ing I had a chicken salad with curry-yogurt dressing. It was incredible!

these guys really know how to nab the foreigners. love me some lamb! At the Soulard Market in Saint Louis. I'm carrying 3 bouquets of flowers I got for $10 because the florist was closing up shop for the day and wanted to sell fast.  

Legit the best bloody mary I've ever had. Pickled aspargus and beans in the drink. YUM. AND it was only $4--DAYUM!
 Left, a Korean BBQ wrap. DELICIOUS. 
The lady who makes $4 Bloody Mary's and margaritas. 

Matt and his mom on the farm. They were just about to pull a cantaloup from the ground for me. YES. FROM THE GROUND, WENCHES.

More farm

NY Sirloin Cuts for cheap from the local meat grocer and an orange-cilantro marinade

My wonderful boss brought me fresh herbs from her garden! Chives, mint, oregano, rosemary, and STEVIA!

Y'all these are TOMATOES.

chicken livers sauteed with leeks in white wine and garlic; with a side of roasted root veggies. Not the best combination, but I wanted potatoes and I wanted liver. I tried to replicate a dish Amy once made, but it was nowhere near as good.


  1. wowzzzz melon from the groooounnnndddd!!

  2. Yeah so Amy, I NEED YOUR RECIPE for those roasted potatoes in spicy bacon fat. Do you remember those? They were so good. I think I ate them all. I felt bad for Tony because he liked them too....